The Eastland Advantage

Since 1985 Eastland Electronics has been supplying quality products for OEMs and ODMs. Our ISO certified China production facility has established itself as a worldwide provider of electronics manufacturing, design and engineering services. With offices in Hong Kong and New York, we are able to offer our customers the advantage of instant communications and rapid access for altering or changing specifications, delivery times or shipping destinations. Since we do not have multiple layers of management typical of many other OE suppliers, we can be very proactive and responsive to your needs. You receive prompt personal attention and fast, detailed follow-up, which saves time and gets the job done as fast as possible.
Our global team can assist you in any/all steps during the design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management process. Regardless of where in the world you are located, if you are looking for a partner to take a new project from concept to finished product and/or to improve quality, cost and lead-time on current and existing products, Eastland is your place for total manufacturing services.